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    Sustainability Strategies for Wise Water, Soil and Energy Use

  • The Vision?

    Each wastewater facility operating energy self-sufficient and optimizing their resource recovery

    Why "Effluential"

    "Effluential" is an invented word Just as "biosolids" was two decades ago. This new word connotes the importance of effluent as a resource, beyond its usual identification as wastewater. It contains nutrients and organic carbon, ready for harnessing.


    The inventiveness of technologies that can be "synergistically" applied, as in nutrient recovery, energy capture and organic matter stabilization. The big vision?

    The Vision

    Read more about recovering resource value from wastewater and biosolids at Effluential Visions blog.

  • Consulting Opportunities

    Alternative Contracting Arrangements

    I can assist with your agency's contracting with energy service companies and private utility owner/operators for installation of equipment guaranteeing dependable service with low impact on your operating and capital budgets.

    Technology Evaluation

    I can assist your agency with evaluating innovative treatment technologies. I maintain a large library of information on technology options and their performance, and can help guide you through the complicated process of selecting options.

    Analysis of your Marketplace

    Equipped with a national database of wastewater agencies and their biosolids production and technologies, I can help your company identify candidates for introducing your new technologies and opportunities for successful piloting.

  • William E. Toffey

    Bill has 35 years’ experience in municipal wastewater, environmental and energy management. He is the principal of Effluential Synergies LLC, a sustainable residuals consultancy, and serves as the Executive Director of the Mid Atlantic Biosolids Association,

    a trade group that covers seven states and supports an industry with 700 biosolids generators, and 1,500 professionals. During his career he has authored over 60 papers and presentations to a range of local, national and international technical audiences.

    Mr. Toffey directed development of innovative recycling programs for wastewater solids for the city of Philadelphia, and has participated in numerous conferences, research projects and training programs to bring best-in-class practices to the wastewater profession. He has been an industry leader in bringing sustainability principles to the water profession, and has recently worked on thermal processing, co-digestion and nutrient extraction projects for public and private clients. Mr. Toffey graduated with distinction from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University, and has a Masters of Regional Planning degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

  • Current Affiliations

    Organization and projects I am currently managing

    MABA - Executive Director

    Bring together organizations and responsible professionals within the Mid Atlantic region,

    I provide a comprehensive program of training, researching, networking and advocacy. The focus is on supporting practices that accomplish a "closing of the circle" in flows of nutrients, organic matter and energy.

    NJ Residuals - Managing Member

    Managing project  so all branches of the project fulfill on their duty

    A collaborative of government, farmers and business owners to research the community benefits of recovering energy, organic matter and nutrients from sources of organic wastes. The project demonstrates the use of infrastructure at a municipally-owned sewage treatment plants to provide cost-effective disposal of manure and food waste residuals. The output is electricity, heat, and fertilizer.

    WERF High Quality Biosolids from Wastewater Research Project -Primary Investigator

    Following through with the four tasks set out to define a high quality biosolids product

    This 4 pronged research project has set out with the goal of re-imagining and defining the 503 Part C regulations created by the EPA more than 20 years ago. We are looking at what defines a biosolids product that fits the customers needs. Research is being performed on high quality biosolids characteristics, marketing approaches, and community engagement initiatives

  • Recent Papers and Presentations

    Let the results speak for themselves.

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    Drawing upon a rich foundation of practical facility experience, innovative research, and principles of sustainable water management, I can help you design a low cost program to achieve savings in energy and resource usage, while moving toward a highly effective performance.





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